Bernadette Anat is the Queen of Teen Self-Esteem

Bernadette Anat has cultivated a career that allows her to put everything she loves together: teens, the media, trends, and empowerment. From working alongside the Editor-in-Chief at Seventeen Magazine, being a teen advisor at YMCA, and now producing on the Teens & Emerging Trends team at Instagram, Berna has built expertise in understanding and connecting with our youth. In this episode, Jess and Berna explore how finding and following her passion for teens led her into the world of social media where she’s been able to create the career of her dreams. If you’re like me and wonder what goes on in the social media world for teens, Berna has you covered. She’s giving both parents and teens her insight, tips and tricks on how to navigate the good, the bad and the best of social media.

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